Marcia Kester 2017
"One Woman Band" Video

Marcia Kester - Singer/Entertainer ...
is described by her peers and audiences as
“the real deal” and “born for this”!

Marcia's voice tells it all: the heat, the honey, and a bit of Delta hardscrabble. A savory vocal texture that falls somewhere between Patsy Cline and Bonnie Raitt and on towards the Shania Twain zone. Her arrangements add a modern flavor to classic songs… A taste of rock in the country tunes and a dash of country in the rock.

Check out the "Songs" Tab above for Marcia's EXTENSIVE repertoire - you will see why she is a HIT at ALL AGES or Genre Specific venues and performances. She stands out for her singable and danceable renditions of All the Favorites!

Marcia's unique performance style combines a lively stage presence, fun audience interaction, memorable music, snippets of story, and the kind of entertainment that simply leaves people feeling energized and happy!

Marcia Kester -

Marcia is not an impersonator, yet, time and again audiences applaud her natural emmulation of the vocal flavors that set Patsy Cline apart!

This ONE WOMAN SHOW will take you on a journey and touch you with beautiful vocals, entertain with delightful audience interactions and leave you moved with snippets of story and facts about the lives of the Country Women whose imprints remain on our hearts forever!

She is described by Festival Directors and Hirers as "More Entertaining Than Most Eight Piece Bands!"

Marcia Kester - Aspiring Motivational Speaker ...
is committed to helping others to reach out and make their own dreams come true! Her inspiring presentation combines musical performance, story telling, coaching, and, authentic audience interaction.

"Whose Life is it Anyhow?" is the title of her original song, written about her journey. (click here to listen)
It is also the theme/title of her talk.

Marcia's unpredicted success is the result of a bold "Yes!" that came after a defining moment in 2003.
In spite of self doubt, family issues, drug addiction, depression and economic adversity(to name a few), she committed to take action. She attributes her success to baby-steps, and, the generous mentoring of others along the way.

Marcia’s repertoire is a blend of acoustic and electric sounds featuring memorable songs from many genres of music, able to be custom catered to any event. The entertainment you choose can be subtle background music or upfront danceable/musical entertainment.

Marcia has entertained audiences of all ages and public response is consistently positive. Time and again she holds a crowd with her contagious sparkle and inspiring spirit.